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About Our College Consultants

AGES, LLC, works with many college consultants that can help students navigate the college admission process. We feature a team of college consultants with in-depth knowledge of the school systems that are dedicated to helping you or your children find the programs necessary to succeed. When matched with our Chinese immersion summer camp or ESL camp programs, you will have no problems with the high school or college application process.

Each of our specialists is dedicated to helping students meet their educational goals. As you read more about each consultant, you can see that they all have relevant experience working through the college application process. If you would like to learn more about our team of consultants, feel free to reach out to us today. The team at our company is always happy to speak with you about our vast array of services, including our English language summer camp programs.

Larry Dannenberg

Larry Dannenberg

Larry Dannenberg is the founder and owner of College Solutions. Managing the global practice from Massachusetts since 2001, Larry is an expert in finding the right fit and in financial aid planning. He visits over 30 colleges every year. Before founding College Solutions, he was an executive in high technology, working for many Fortune 500 chief operating officers and presidents. He is an expert in career planning and has managed staff in nearly every area of large multinational firms. He authored the financial aid chapter in The Financial Aspects of Divorce by Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education and has appeared on FOX News and NPR.

Margaret Bolton Baudinet

Margaret Bolton Baudinet

Margaret Bolton Baudinet manages the Virginia/North Carolina practice of College Solutions. She brings five years of admission experience from the University of Virginia. After having counseled 600 legacy students per year, she understands exactly how to position a student in the admission process. She specializes in essay brainstorming and editing, as well as application mapping. She visits over 30 colleges per year and is an expert at placing international students at U.S. universities.

Dr. Lee Ann Cornell

Dr. Lee Ann Cornell

Dr. Lee Ann Cornell has seven years of experience working as a director of admissions at several California colleges. She also brings experience in student orientation, academic advising, and student leadership programs. Lee Ann earned a master's degree from UCLA in counseling student affairs, and a doctorate in educational leadership from the University of Southern California.

Lee Ann Gun Placeholder

Lee Ann Gun

Lee Ann Gun is an expert in polishing college admission applications and in the nuances of navigating the online college application. Also, Lee Ann is an experienced writing coach, leveraging her undergraduate education from Wesleyan University and master's degree in journalism from Northwestern University. She is our go-to expert in helping students transfer colleges.

Susan Clayman Placeholder

Susan Clayman

Susan Clayman brings a keen eye for detail while keeping the College Solutions office organized and running smoothly. A graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, she spent 20-years working at the New England Journal of Medicine, followed by administrative positions at nonprofit organizations, including a summer camp foundation and synagogue.